Wednesday, 28 May 2014


We looked in to three YouTubers who have successful channels to see 
what aspects of their success we could replicate 
in our own work.

You deserve a drink- Mamrie hart
YDAD is a cocktail show in which each week hart choses someone or something that deserves a drink,
 from fellow you tuber Tyler Oakley to the movie frozen. She then invents a themed cocktail with a 
name that relates. in-between showing us how to make it she cuts to her drinking the cocktail and 
making puns about the theme. at the end she has a signature drinking game where she invites the
 audience to make the cocktail rewind the video and drink every time she make a terrible pun. Hart uses
 satire in the form of puns to make fun of the theme and herself, by doing this it keeps the audience 
interested and more willing to subscribe or watch again.

Its grace- Grace Helbig
Its grace is not specifically a cooking show but every Thursday she has ‘tipsy Thursday’ in which she
 asked her viewer via twitter, tumblr or Facebook what they what to learn how to do. Recently helbig
 showed us how to make her version of fish and chips, in this version the fish was battered in Dorito 
chips. Helbig often makes mistakes in making her recipes which makes her more relatable to the
 audiences, she tells us when and who invented the ingredients jokingly, like fish was invented by…

Helbig is a comedian and was part of an improv group so has a comedy background this helps her
 jokes stick.

My drunken kitchen- Hannah Hart
This show is all about last minute cooking and guess measuring.  Hart has a comedic background like 
Helbig but doesn’t have any real cooking background, she is known for witty puns and making horrible 
tasting food than good. Like Helbig it is because she makes mistakes that people watch, though this is a
 cooking show no one would watch it to learn how to cook, its more of a comedy satire show. Hart
 sometimes makes themes for her show like when she was touring around America she did food for 
each state she was going to this encouraged more subscribers as people wanted to see the food she
 made for their state.

Through these shows we have learned that comedy is important if not more important than making
 something that tastes amazing. As we are Massey art students we were thinking about using art themed
 satire to make things more interesting, as well as making people more willing to watch again.

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