Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Having been presented with a brief to create a youtube series based around a cooking show we instantly started brainstorming and discussing examples of shows we had seen and liked. As a group we felt it was really important to create something that we would enjoy watching as it makes it more likely to be ‘sticky/spreadable’ content that other people will want to view.

Looking at examples such as ‘My Drunk Kitchen’, Jenna Marbles YouTube channel and ‘you deserve a drink’ we found that the majority of successful videos use humor to attract an audience. From this we decided that we too would make our series humorous.

We also felt we would have a better chance of making the videos engaging if we didn’t try too hard ad over do them, we wanted them to come across natural and not too uptight.  We also thought that if we are making videos we want to watch then people our age will also be likely to enjoy them making them our target audience.

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