Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Facebook will be our main form of social media; it has the most people using it and has the least
 limitations (intsagram = only photos, Twitter = character limit).  We will use face book as a place for
 our audience to see behind the scenes footage and keep updated with what coming up on our channel. 

By showing behind the scenes it gives our Facebook a scene of being exclusive:, People who
 subscribe to our channel wont see this but if you like us on Facebook you can access extra footage.

Our Facebook is easily identifiable as it too is covered in ‘flippin good’ branding so it looks official and
 people instantly know its linked to our videos.

We made the decision to start our Facebook page not at the start of this project but a few days before
 we first uploaded. If we had made it too early people would have forgotten about it by making it a few
 days before hand it keeps things fresh and people are still curious. We regularly uploaded teasers and
 photos to keep people guessing about the content of our videos.

To increase likes on or Facebook page we each individually sent personal requests to our
friends on Facebook this is much harder to decline/ignore that us just making status or sharing
the page (but we did this too anyway).

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