Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Happy with how the first video went we decided that we wanted to mix things up for our second 
approach. If we did the exact same format viewers would probably get board.

Looking at what we had discovered about how  the more involved people were in filming the more 
they wanted to follow the progress of the videos. We decided that for this episode we should have more 
characters in the show and get them to decorate pancakes under time pressure.

Opt 1 : get contestants to create a portrait of the person they are competing against.

Opt 2 : Get contestants to make a portrait of whoever and then viewers have to guess who it is, most correct guesses wins

Opt 3: Contestants are given a celebrity to portray, judges then choose who’s is best.

We went with option three because it offers a way to promote our videos: we can tweet the celebrities what they look like in pancake form.

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