Wednesday, 28 May 2014


include a lot of humor, it easily incorporates the idea of a cooking show but in an original way and has
 a lot of room for social media to be included meaning a stronger connection to the audience.

Characters: we will need to find four willing contestants who are willing and able to act in our series,
 being able to act will be important as we want the couple to have exaggerated personalities ( overly
 attached, drama queen, crybaby girlfriend and moody, gym obsessed,  cheating boyfriend).

Challenges: The main focus of each episode will be  a challenge set by the shows host , possible
 challenges include: decorate this cupcake in a way that reflects your relationship,  or getting the 
contestants to make  a extremely difficult dish under time pressure and see if they crack.

Other scenes: these would include special counseling sessions with the host, pantry cam documenting
 contestants meltdowns and views on issues that come up in the show it would be very similar to the
Big Brother diary cam.

Social media: People love to hate so we could get people to tweet their thoughts on the couples and
 their progress in counseling, we could also get a bit of rivalry going : something like team Jacob vs.
 team Edward from twilight that became massive.

Given the influx in popularity of reality TV in the past decade we think this concept has a lot of 
potential to go viral, especially as we are heightening the areas that we know people like best about 
reality TV –the humor and melt downs.

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