Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Finding that we wanted our videos to appeal to people our age and in a humors way we set about
 brainstorming ideas for our channel:

Flatters guide to cooking – This is a relevant topic to people in our target audience, there is a lot of
 potential for humor to be added. Perhaps we could include a segment about the audiences fails at
 cooking, have them tweet us their stories and we read out the best ones and help them avoid those

A semi naked cooking show – There is no doubt that nudity goes viral and encourages people to look
 at content. We would have to be careful about how we execute this idea.  Possibly have tastefully
 placed ingredients in the foreground of the shot so it hides certain areas of our presenters? This would
 include a lot of food/nudity related puns.

A drunk reality cooking show – this would be a spin off of something like Master Chef or My Kitchen
 Rules but drunk, which undoubtedly means there would a lot of humor involved.  We could have
 participants in teams and then through social media get the audience to pick a favorite to back, or
 maybe have it girls vs. boys? This aspect could make it more engaging for the audience.

Couples cooking therapy – This idea consists of two dysfunctional couple that come in and have to
 cook together as a form of therapy. The audience would be encouraged to pick a favorite couple and
 could tweet in their feedback on the couple’s arguments and who’s side there on. We could have a
 pantry cam that documents the breakdowns of contestants etc..

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