Monday, 2 June 2014


When we were first presented with this social media culture assignment we immediately started discussing what videos we had already seen that would meet this brief. We looked in to popular YouTube personalities such as Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig so that we could investigate their strategies in terms of video promotion. What we discovered is that having a brand is really important, something that viewers can easily associate with our content. We also found that comedy is a large component of many YouTube channels as its something most people can relate to – you might not be interested in cooking but everyone loves a laugh.

Bearing in mind what we discovered though our research phase we set about developing a concept for our videos, we had a few ideas but realised some were too elaborate and wouldn’t translate in to videos very well in our limited time frame. Flippin’ Good Pancakes was chosen as our final concept as it had lots of room for humor to be incorporated as well as many ways we could introduce social media. Our brand is a little bit cheesy as is the video theme, we included a lot of puns and the videos come across as a bit of a mockery which adds to the humor. We wanted our main characters portray ‘the perfect housewife’ but in way that hints at them being very inadequate.

We felt it was important for our concept to have characters as it gives viewers someone to connect to, having big personalities makes this more likely for the character to gain fans. Guest characters were also an important component of our marketing strategy as it gives us a larger audience, as these guest characters want to show their friends and promote our videos. Following this idea we also incorporated celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Snoop Dog, we tweeted them in the hop their large fan base would want to see our videos.

We used multiple avenues of social media as we found people can be very picky as to what site they will use; by having all sites available we are likely to get more followers. We also promoted our sites in a way that made them seem exclusive and open to behind the scenes footage. Our facebook page was our main platform for connecting with viewer as a result we posted regularly on here. We found that this kept interest up as people were interested to see what we did next.

As a group we feel that our concept is strong and so far things have gone well, through our research we know that developing a successful channel takes a lot of time and dedication so its not surprising that our videos haven’t taken off. Next time we would focus on increasing the quality of our videos and being more consistent with our marketing through social media as its clear in our analytics that the more we promote the more views we gain. We had the most view from Facebook, which makes sense, as it was our main platform to promote Flippin’ Good Pancakes.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


We upload our videos in the evening because this is a time when most of our target audience is at home 
and usually on the web so the chances of them seeing our posts is higher, if we published at 3am then 
its more likely it would get lost in their newsfeed never to be seen.
Because Of time restraints we haven't made a regular weekly upload time, if we were to continue 
on with this project then we would so that viewers would know when to check back in and 
see our videos. We know this strategies is helpful as it what many youtubers do including 
the three we looked in to. 


Much closer to the release of episode two we created a twitter, we were reluctant to do this as we feel 
not many people in our target audience use twitter. Before we started the SMC paper none of us used 
twitter and neither did many of our friends. But we went ahead anyway as we wanted to be able to 
tweet the celebrities that were made in to pancakes and we also thought
 that perhaps twitter is more popular with our overseas target audience.


We received some good feedback on our first episode, looking at that it seems people like the humor 
we have used and the over all concept of the videos this has given us confidence that the second video 
should be a success and that we don’t have to change our editing/concepts much.


Like our Facebook page we launched our intsagram profile a few days before our second episode goes 
live. The reason we didn’t launch all our social media at one time is that a viewer is more likely to 
subscribe to each different aspect of our social media over time that if we did it all at once. All at once
 means the view thinks ‘ I cant be bothered liking all these pages, I will just follow their Facebook

We upload our videos in the evening because this is a time when most of our target audience is at home
 and usually on the web so the chances of them seeing our posts is higher, if we published at 3am then
 its more likely it would get lost in their newsfeed never to be seen.


Much like the first episode we kept filming very laid back and went with flow.  We posted on the cube
 website that we needed contestants and ended up having 5 people come over. Posting on the cube site
 also means that we have more people exposed to our videos and what we are doing so they are more
 likely to check it out when videos go live.

While filming we found it really important to document the process so that we have lots of content to 
put on our social media sites.

We had good feed back on the quality of our videos so we continued to use the iphone 5s.